David L. Ross and Associates is a globalization advisory and impact investment advisory firm.

We provide strategic, program management,and acquisition advisory services to both US and Western European companies expanding operations into the developing world and companies from the developing world expanding into the US market.

Clients of David L. Ross and Associates have included HSBC, Credit-Suisse, Chartis Insurance, JP Morgan Chase, GMAC, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, as well as several innovative mid-sized firms.

At David L. Ross and Associates, Inc. we have over 7 years Tier 1 service provider project experience serving the following types of clients. David L. Ross and Associates, Inc. can assist your organization in utilizing the strengths of the global marketplace in the following areas.
Fortune 100 Companies
Global Service Providers  
Investment Banks
Private Equity Investors
  Strategic Partner Searches
Global Program Management
Project Bankability Assessments
Global Services Financial Advisory
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October, 2012
Active Globalization Projects Include

1) Industrial Biodiesel Refinery in South Africa

2) Energy Saving Equipment Finance

3) Large Solar Power Generation in Sub-Saharan Africa


May 1st, 2011
Recently Completed Projects:

Successful completion of 6 financial advisory projects in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2011


October 18th, 2006
Presented in the US Senate building in Washington, DC regarding globally distributed work and Bangalore, India's preparedness and response to the city's first ever terror attack


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