David L. Ross and Associates offers objective advisement services for companies interested in expansion into emerging markets in the following areas.

Business Planning and Strategic Advisory

  • Analyzing and ranking areas most likely to benefit from global expansion

  • Determining appropriate go to market sequence and plan

  • Identifying and securing partners, distributors, and capital to execute

Strategic Partner Sourcing and Negotiation

  • Identifying appropriate strategic partners

  • Partner Due Diligence

  • Partner capital structring

  • Negotiating service level agreements

Project Management

  • Setting and managing project budgets

  • Milestone and metric tracking

  • Evaluation and revision of project goals

Capital Raising

  • Project and Structured Finance

  • Trade Finance

  • Global development institution relations

We are always interested in hearing from you. Please send your inquiry to info@davidlross.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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