The following are articles and presentations given by David L. Ross and Associates

Brazil Outsourcing Conference - How can Brazil compete and win?

David L. Ross presents to an audience of 170 Brazilian executives and government officials about Brazil can increase its software services exports to the United States

Global Site Visit The Essential Next Step

So your organization has decided to go global? Where in the world is your company going? How will the various teams manage your operation? Will your company decide to build, operate, lease or outsource? What is the best strategic location for your business?

IQPC Program Management Office Best Practices Conference

David L. Ross presents a 3 hour workshop on Program Management Global Sourcing and serves as conference Co-Chairman

Global Sourcing Strategies and Global Sourcing Geographies

David L. Ross presents a 5 hour workshop on Global Sourcing Strategies and Geographies to call center executives

Capturing Value in the Global Market

David L. Ross and Associate jointly present at a Canadian call-center conference on the topic of capturing value through offshoring.

The following are presentations and whitepapers available from David L. Ross and Associates

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